Cup & Bar Exploring Portland OR

November 9, 2015


Hello everyone! I decided to start a little series on my blog that goes a bit more in depth about the coffee shops I visit. I do post a lot of coffee photos on Instagram but here I’ll be able to talk about each cafe from my standpoint as well as include informational bits.

You can probably already tell that I really love having vanilla lattes on the weekends, it’s my little way of getting out of the house and rewarding myself for the long work week. I hope that this will be helpful for anyone who’s looking for recommendations or just doesn’t know where to go. It was something I started at the beginning of 2015, to try a new coffee spot or brunch location. It definitely has made me not only more knowledgeable of different locations but also allowed me to drive through streets and parts of town that I probably wouldn’t have come across on my own. I’m really happy I took the opportunity to explore my own city and I hope you will too!

Most of these are going to be based in Portland, Oregon. I do travel once in a while and like to see what other cities have to offer, so there will be a few posts from other states. Hope you enjoy this little venture!

The coffee shop I visited this time is fairly new to Portland, located on 118 NE Martin Luther King, Portland, OR97232. Currently open 7am-7pm and closed on Sundays. I like it mainly because it’s close to home, the coffee is not bitter, pleasant space, friendly owners/employees, they used to serve some very tasty brownies, oh and they have parking! ¬†They also make their own chocolate and you can even catch a glimpse through the windows, during the summer months they keep their garage door open and you can bring in your bikes and pets. They’ve got plenty of seating and on this rainy day in particular they had a lot of visitors as you can see.

Let me know what you think of this place in the comments below or leave any helpful tips if there’s anything I forgot to mention!