Heart Coffee Roasters – Exploring Portland OR

November 16, 2015

Hello Again!

Today’s post is going to be about Heart Coffee Roasters. “Stylish spot for coffee drinking”-Google Maps.

I am 50/50 about this coffee spot. I love the taste of their coffee but, I would never come here to study or go on a coffee date with my husband. It just seems too hectic. Now let me explain…

Heart is not only a coffee shop, Heart also roasts its own coffee and even other coffee shops in Portland use their coffee! It’s clear Heart knows what they’re doing! Their coffee tastes great, not bitter, their interiors are on trend and they have more than one location (Eastside Cafe and Westside Cafe). I haven’t been to the spot on the East side yet, but I’ve been to the one on the West side more than once and it’s always “crowded”. Now don’t get me wrong people aren’t standing ( I think they just take their coffee-to-go and leave), and there are plenty of seats. So it’s either a prime location or I must be going there at the wrong time of day.

Like if I wanted to read a book, or just drink my coffee and listen to the sound of pouring rain outside (as I write something in my journal)-it’s a little loud for me. I mean that’s just my idea of how perfect people would drink coffee-I’m too busy Instagram-ING.  It feels more like a coffee party inside that you invited yourself to.

but that’s okay… there’s plenty of shops around this area to browse through, so you can just take your coffee to go.

The Westside Cafe is located on 537 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205 open Monday-Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday/Sunday 8am-6pm.

The verdict… I love the coffee Heart roasts, but I would probably go somewhere else to drink it.