Christmas Tree Farm Happy Holidays

December 30, 2015


This year we decided to cut our own tree! I’ve done some searching before for my Christmas sessions location scouting but this time we wanted to go somewhere for our own experience where they would provide saw and net. I did some research and Suavie Island Farm  came up as nearest and was open late. Did I mention we were getting our tree kind of late and some other farms were closed already? Yeah.

It was a 30 minute drive and I was so worried it would get dark or start raining. I wanted to snap some last minute photos of our experience and was secretly planning a mini Christmas shoot for our own Christmas cards. I haven’t been super good in the past years sending out cards or even taking our  family photos but this year I was determined!

The drive was very pleasant and scenic even in this grey,  gloomy weather. We brought our little dog with us and set up a tripod to take photos. I also have a remote for my camera that Vitaliy ordered online, but just our luck the battery died after a couple test shots. We were forced to set up the photo in frame and run up every 10 seconds to take a picture, and another picture, and another. There were some kids running around and Diesel (our dog)  kept getting distracted but we finally snapped some last minute photos before it started to sprinkle a little. So we quickly got our saw and a wagon and went looking for our perfect tree.

This year I wanted a noble fir, I told my husband I’m tired of them shedding. It took us a few minutes to pick the right one. We kept saying that one? Or maybe that one? How about this one? This one looks nice. I like this one. Honey look over here I really like this one. Yeah…ill spare you the other 10 minutes haha 🙂 We finally cut our tree, and tossed it in the wagon. They also provided free tree shake and optional netting. I really appreciated that,  because I want to bring home as few bugs as possible and it’s so neatly wrapped when it’s in a net! They also offered some hot chocolate as you can see Diesel was standing against the counter trying to sniff it. It was surprisingly really good and the first one we had all year. I know, we’re really late this year… We paid $35 for a 6 foot tree and I believe $2 for the net.  Where did you get your tree this year?